Lifetime members of the Society for Anime and Manga Appreciation

Lifetime Member #1: James 'Jimmy' Smart

A man almost as eternal as SAMA, James is a fan of Gurren Lagann, Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, and anything Shounen.
Joining SAMA committee in 2008 as Treasurer, he proceed to stay on for another year as Treasurer in 2009.
After which, he became the president of SAMA's president for another two year period from 2010-2012.
Legends say that despite his lifetime membership, every year he still comes during O-week to buy membership .
A man of mystery, he has been an important part of SAMA longer than any one.

Lifetime Member #2: Phyllis Pan

One of the most experienced and professional committee members SAMA has ever seen, Phyllis appreicates Bleach, Black Butler, Tatami Galaxy and Pokemon!
She joined SAMA committee in her first year as Treasurer in 2013 and stayed for another year until 2015.
She returned in a surprise move to everyone including herself, in 2016 she self-nominated at the AGM after being reminded of how wonderful SAMA committee can be.
She has been the lynchpin of SAMA, always keeping committee on track with her expertise in club and fincial matters.
Although her persona may be intimidating at times, she has a soft spot for small animals, anything cute and the club she's dedicated so much effort into.
Two things are constant with Phyllis, she'll always be playing Pokemon Go and she'll always be greatly misssed on committee <3