Current Committee

Meet our wonderful 2017-2018 committee that keeps this club active and thriving!
If you have any questions about membership, payments or you just plain want someone to talk to about stuff, these are the people you need to contact!
Any questions about any business/club enquiries, please email!

The President: Jia-Hao Thum

Jia-Hao Thum is the President of SAMA that we all know and love. While he may appear as an average Asian boy, he is much more than meets the eye, and a brief conversation with him will make you understand how truly charismatic this guy is.
How did we end up meeting such an extraordinary individual? Good question! It was during our first SAMA camp when he was introduced into our lives, blessing us with his superhuman detective skills in mafia. Even now, though he's on committee and busy making our events ever more enjoyable, he would still entertain us and reminisce the good ol' times.
Being the A+ support during the previous committee, Jia-Hao has always been improving his skills by stomping noobs on League of Legends (Promoted to diamond 1 instead of 5 because the quality is far more important than the quantity), but also a general helper during regular SAMA events and currently mastering the so-called "the bag guy" skills at anime conventions.
Electrical engineering is not just a degree anyone can attempt to study. It requires a tremendous, inhuman ability to focus and Jia-Hao has achieved a golden ratio of time with his superb ability of time-management. He never misses any events and he never miss deadlines for uni - a truly remarkable feat considering he is now a 5th year student!
Super-human punctuality is just one of many good traits Jia-Hao possesses. You will always see him rock up to events 10 minutes earlier with a Pokka Green Tea bottle in his hand, striking up a light conversation with anyone around.
To be honest, you might sense a hint of sarcasm in his conversations. But we all know that sarcasm is a precious spice used to make everyday life all the more exciting!
Perhaps you didn't notice, every time you smile, he smiles. And every time you shine, he'll amplify that shine, making it spread far and wide.
Repeatedly, he has guided us through tough times. First as a crew member, then as an Assistant to the Treasurer and now he is the captain of the ship bearing the glorious name of SAMA.
Even though climbing Elo Hell and mastering life skills are tiring, he would never leave an unread e-mail in his inbox and never an ignored message on the club social media.
So just shoot him an e-mail on if you have any questions, he would be more than happy to reply you within seconds, because he might be a super hero after all.

The Vice President: Liam Perera

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Liam the former Media Manager?
I thought not, it's not a story the SAMA committee would tell you. Liam Perera was a Media Manager so weeby and otaku, he could use the club to watch...anime. He had such a knowledge of anime, he could even keep the ones he cared about from watching bad anime (most of the time).
Now serving as SAMA's (M)VP, this guy has already proven to us to be a caring, chummy and convivial committee member. (A variation of "cool, calm and collected" because that's too cliched). He retains his title as an internet-meme encyclopaedia, of course; he is still highly keen to keep up-to-date with the dankest memes and classiest anime.
However, we can all agree that his devotion to anime is just as inspiring as his devotion to SAMA and its members. If you ever get lost, need a hand or just someone to chat with, he's your go to guy. Listen out for his Persona 4 Junes ringtone or his proclamations that Yukiko is best girl.
Otherwise if you can't find him in person, you can always contact him on, and to up the chance of a reply - be sure to address him as 'The Senate'.

The Treasurer: Tony Wu

Let the word go out across the land! For the Treasurer Tony has returned once again to claim his responsibility around the round table of SAMA. His normie name is Tony Wu, he excels in excel, can count money when it counts and meets deadlines, even if it kills him.
His favorite pastimes include swimming in the security of the SAMA savings, writing himself cheques and forging signatures, but he promises to hold himself back while he serves as your main money man. Seriously though, should you be musically minded, Tony isn't tone deaf, and knows all about the latest lyrical goss when it comes to Vocaloid or Karaoke.
If there is a game in existance, he probably plays it and gets carried too, so message him with your musical musings, gaming goss, or even just to share a casual convo
If you want to hit up this currency curator of a comm law student, you can find him in Overwatch (listen for the "I need healing!") or DOTA (follow the trail of dropped divine rapiers). If he is AFK, you can also find him on Facebook or at

The Secretary: Alex Ong

When we were looking for our next secretary, we did not have an easy decision to make. First, we asked our most responsible and smartest SAMA member, and they said no. Second, we asked the most charismatic SAMA member, and they said no. Then, we asked the most handsome SAMA member, and they also said no. Finally, as we asked Alex he said, "Look guys, I can't say no to you four times", and the rest is history.
So, let me introduce to you your new secretary for SAMA, Alex Ong. How does he hold up to the competition? What will make him a good secretary? Let me break it down for you:

1. Milestone achiever. No matter what the goal, he'll get it done.
2. Everyday punctuality. He is never late, even for his 7am lectures.
3. Minutes writing master. Boasting a 544 APM, his skills compliment his responsibilities.
4. Engineering is his degree, and we all know how precise engineers are.
5. Saitama's daily ritual of a 100 pushups, situps, squats, and a 10km run is his daily routine.
If that's not enough, let me quote the man himself:
"I'm so self-aware right now...if I open my eyes wide enough I can feel my place in the universe" - Alex Ong
That place is indeed, his rightful place as the SAMA Secretary
If you're still not fully convinced, chuck an email on through to, where Alex give you a personal and specially written response to each and every sender.

The Assistant Treasurer: Soundy Vejasilp

A long time ago, a beautiful goddess descended from the steps of heaven to learn more about the conditions of the human world. Arriving at an unknown place from paradise is initially frightening, but she wore her head high, and befriended the many that surrounded her.
It was this reciprocation of friendship that introduced her to many joyful experiences, in particular the Anime Club, to which many fondly refer to as SAMA. She now serves as the club's kawaii~ Assistant Treasurer to bless the people around her, and allow everyone to experience a truly wonderful University life.
This simplistic and shy girl is in her second year of IT and Arts study at Monash. She has an affinity towards cute animals, and really loves cats and dogs and hamsters and…the list goes on. Her incredibly hard-working nature ensures everything is submitted punctually, and she prides on having no late assignments since the dawn of time!
She'll be at the SAMA events, busily assisting the Treasurer or helping out here and there. She will also be managing the club's finances this year, so if you're strapped for cash - go get a bank loan, but if you have any questions, suggestions as well as general enquiries about the club, she will be willing to hear you out at

The Media Manager: Kevin Chen

'very good at writing about chairs'
'considered tutoring for the chance of an invite to a formal'
'His watch is smarter than him'
'Memory worse than a dead goldfish'
One could scoff in the face of such ambition, treating his words as little more than the pathetic squeaking of rodents, but those who do so are truly unwise. He is the man who shall rule over all, and like the great Changqing of millennia past, he seeks to know all that will assist in his usurpation of the world throne, whether it be learning the minutiae of engineering marvels and commercial processes that uphold society, studying all aspects of military history or engaging himself in the latest of Japan's countless Chinese cartoons.
His drive to become the greatest is unmatched in history, but it does not preclude his boundless generosity. Searching for the perfect anime that doesn't start with "Boku" or "Re:", he is more than happy to receive your suggestions for anime to screen.
For those seeking his sagacious mind, simply seek him out on campus or enquire of him at He will answer when he escapes his mind-trip to Akihabara, and you shall be enlightened.

The Sponsorship Officer: Jaden Shun Min Ch'ng

Who's this Malaysian guy? Well glad you asked! This is the one and only Jaden Shun Min Ch'ng! Jaden is famous for his rich and intellectual taste in anime, with classics such as "High School DxD" and "To Love-Ru" being his favourites, watching and analysing at least a segment of either one every night of the week.
Aside from "Philosophical" and "slice of life" anime such as the two mentioned above, Jaden also enjoys other anime such as "Oreimo" and "Eromanga Sensei", and uses these to select the waifu that most appeals to him. Jaden is also a self-proclaimed "level 7 Ryze" and "level 7 Gnar" in the online MOBA game League of Legends, although you can't tell that he is level 7 on either of these champions by his gameplay.
Although it may seem in first glance that Jaden's rank is almost as low as it can get, this is only due to him being stuck in "Elo Hell" and having "Braindead Team-mates" as quotes by Jaden, and he believes that in reality, he belongs in the pro league. Although Jaden can barely play league of legends, he is semi-decent at other games, such as hearthstone, in which he reached the Legend rank once in his life with a very skill-based deck, pirate warrior. Jaden believes that hearthstone is the future of e-sports, as the game is purely skill based and doesn't have any RNG (Random number Generator) factors in its gameplay.
If you're having trouble choosing a waifu you could always contact Jaden at:

The Social Representative: Sabrina Bassal

Konnichiwa Minna-san, it's Sabrina Bassal, the well-known chatterbox. There are oftentimes, she will take pleasure in talking to people, being happy and torturing her sister with love (she hates it, like seriously hates it). The short bullet of happiness, the shortest in her family, and hopes to infect you all with her happiness. But nothing short of amazing, with her big smile.
When you are in trouble, she is here to help! After discovering her secret power (which will not be mentioned to prolong the secrecy), we uncovered the truth of how wonderful she truly is. She is the light that guides humanity to a brighter future, and together we can defeat the darkness, and overcome the depths of humanity. Where in the world would we find ourselves without Sabrina in our lives.
Sabrina is always pushing herself to the limits, and believes in everyone with her "we can do this" attitude. Always a smile, and an upside-down frown, there is nothing that can stop her from being the next ultimate Pokemon master, the next detective to compete against Conan.
If you find yourself telling yourself, I need help. Sabrina will be there before you can even saying something really long. Just contact through her email at:

The Creative Officer: Vivian Zou

Meet the youngest kouhai of the team; Ghibli, cat and art enthusiast all in one: Vivian. Or Viv, or Vi, however lazy you are feeling with name pronouncing.
Excitable, friendly, and always open to a good chat about anime art and designs, Vivian fits the role of Creative Director with ease. Although she gives off this studious good student feel, don't be fooled.
Seen her huddled in a corner holding her iPad looking super focused? She is actually immersed in the latest Haikyuu release. Bumped into her wandering around on campus, seemingly searching for the next inspiration in her art pieces? She is probably lost and is silently screaming for help. Sent her a message super late at night and getting a reply? She is just binge watching anime or roaming Pixiv, and umm, definitely not last minuting her assignments.
Some of her to do list include: proving her seme side to the utaite group, getting a cat and naming it Nyanko sensei, finish her endless line of drawing WIPs, and passing Med, not necessarily in that order.
If you have any questions or think you can lend a hand with the to do list, don't hesitate to contact her at