Current Committee

Meet our wonderful 2016-2017 committee that keeps this club alive and kicking!
If you have any questions about membership, payments or you just plain want someone to talk to about stuff, these are the people you need to contact! (Just please don't spam them, send them porn, or stalk them!)
Any questions about any business/club enquiries, please email!

The President: Matthew Roth

Matthew Roth
1. A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery
2. A man who feels bad about seedless watermelons because they can't have babies.
Matthew, who we all lovingly call Matt Roth for some reason, is the creator and benevolent leader of the prestigious Digimon Fight Club, pursued a career in mastering the art of TCG and Art. He gave up all of it to become some guy who tells people what to do. We don't know what sparked this inspiration, but it is no surprise to anyone that he's a white leader. Regardless of who is communicating with him, Matt is only able to reply in short blinks, wink, and the rare hiccup. He is renowned for his extensive knowledge on all Japanese arts and media, including but not exclusive to “Mattack on Titan”, “Mattvatar, The Last Bender”, and “The Simpsons”. Outside his unique form of communication, he is also able to speak in Japanese only when he is quoting anime lines with the correct inflections and accent, amazingly without sounding racist. Some people suspect he's lost his mind, but really Matt has everything loaded in a USB plugged in him, located where the sun don't shine. Yep, that's right, under his armpit.
Matt's leadership skills however are second to none, being able to co-ordinate a skillful team of 8 people and the sacrificial Yoshi and commit them to a task that no other group can perform. Taking on all responsibility and criticism, Matt keeps his head high, and his enemies' heads rolling. Whether it be events, chill times, or even sleep time, Matt is always there for you. Always. Always.
If you believe you deserve extra attention and want to take him away from the sea of ladies before him, you can try contacting him at:

The Vice President: Louise Jiang

Some have said she's a hero, some a myth, some a legend, some a Kardashian, while others will say this is completely made up.
However history has been proven wrong, as the fabled Louise Jiang truly does exist among us and has come to SAMA to lead the club into victory as Vice President.
Rumoured to be born from fire and ashes, Louise has journeyed through countless amounts of wildness on her adventures to get to Monash, persevered through the treacherous woes of Biomed life, battled through the endeavours of a Sponsorship Officer. Now, she has been called upon to be the next real MVP of the SAMA.
Louise is a force to be reckoned with, some even saying they've seen her transform into a raging all powerful demon before their very eyes, incinerating all that cross her path. No one dares to risk unleashing her rage. However Louise is just as powerful as an ally as she is an enemy. When in good spirits, the power from her demon form is transmuted to a fortifying aura that strengthens her allies and fellow SAMA members.
If you want to contact the legend and find out if she's real for yourself, contact her here at

The Treasurer: Phyllis Phan

Upon a throne, in a distant garden, surrounded by their most precious catnip, the cats worship an idol. A figure they think of as their god. Phyllis Pan sits up there, not looking down on her subjects, but petting them, stroking their bellies and scratching their necks. Her time has come again, to dedicate herself to the cause. The power of the Treasurer position is calling again, and her addiction to money beckons her even further.
Smarter than the smartest person, cuter than the cutest cat, more efficient than an army and scarier than any horror movie, Phyllis is a wonderful human(?) being, who is always at the front of any debate or issue. Always ready to help a friend, unless they get in the way of her and Julian (the money box), she's reliable, straightforward and not scared of anything.
When she's not fixing the Wall Street crash for the 48th time, or thinking of ways to make money for the club, email her at in the middle of the night, at like 3am or something, since that's when she's most likely to be awake.

The Secretary: Tony Wu

Men and women of SAMA gather around, and listen to the tale of Sony the Salty Secretary. Originally known as the Tiny Treasurer, Tony would wander the land, using his Mathemagic in all the kingdoms he passed through, chasing his goal of being the richest man alive. No events would be without food, no grant would be un-submitted and most importantly he singlehandedly defeated the Auditors not once but twice, with a maximum of three rematches.
Yet even the most powerful of Treasurers will one day meet their end, and after a tragic surfing accident, Tony swallowed half of the worlds sea salt (equivalent to 2.5 jars of vegemite or 1.2 league games). In what doctors (the dodgy back alley ones) call a classic example of “Equivalent Exchange”, he didn't die, instead he lost the ability to perform basic maths, lost all knowledge of the letter ‘t', and also lost all his expensive organs, but he gained an affinity for note-taking and organisation. Soon after, he realised that buying his organs back from the black market had cost him all his savings and he began his new life as a poor wandering Secretary. Alas, he was unable to spell his own name, and so started the legend of a lone traveller wandering the land. Leaving trails of minutes in his wake, solving the organisational needs of all he comes across, he is Sony the Salty Secretary.
In any situation he will be there for you, appearing from the shadows to create the best events possible for the populace. Very few have had the honour of meeting such a person, but if you need to contact him he will be there. Ever should one want to talk to him about League, Dota or such other mortal matters, reciting the following magic spell into your local email program will allow you counsel with the great Secretary himself:

The Assistant Treasurer:Jia-Hao Thum

This is Jia-Hao Thum, the assistant treasurer for SAMA. He is just an average Asian. He says he isn't a weeb, but in fact his room is filled with the weebest of One Piece figurines and posters.
In his spare time, he is on Summoner's Rift rekting some scrubs, or feeding - most likely feeding. He likes to think he is good at the game. He is early to gatherings/events, which makes me wonder if he has anything better to do with his life.
The number 1 spot in his heart lies with being part of SAMA. He loves his role as the assistant treasurer so much, he even adjusted his league rank from diamond 3 to diamond 5 (because 5 diamonds in the treasury is better than 3). Please give your support to him, the best s̶u̶p̶p̶o̶r̶t̶ assistant treasurer OCE!
If you ever need to contact him, you can find him at, his email inbox usually has 0 unread.

The Media Manager: Liam Perera

Meet Mr Liam Perera, aka Lyam (pronounced Lie-am, and yes, that was a nod to that Clash of Clans commercial), a devoted anime and gaming enthusiast and our very own internet-meme encyclopaedia. What got him the job of Media Manager was not only his excellent taste in the latest hip anime but also his friendly and approachable nature. This guy has proved to be a devoted committee member of clubs at Monash for years.
When he's not lurking in the depths of the internet searching for the perfect anime to show you at the next screening (or just keeping up-to-date with the dankest memes), you'd probably find Liam Streetpassing or waiting patiently at the airport lounge for somebody he planned to meet hours ago – he's just that dedicated!
Need to have a word with Liam? Easy! Contact him on

The Sponsorship Officer:Flora Chi

With promises to use her idol powers of seduction to save the anime world for her fans, Flora is well equipped with the highest spec stalker equipment and disguises to snag that next sponsor for her collection. When she's not blasting her kira kira cuteness for SAMA, she's managing the many MANY idols under her control, from Love Live to the iDOL@STER and even IDOLiSH7, no idol has ever escaped her grasp. Her favourite place to kick back and chill is in her darkened room, plastered ceiling to floor with her favourite Arashi and Johnny's West photos, the perfect place to brush up on her stalking skills. Searching for that perfect senpai, Flora is dedicated just to you.
If you ever want to worship at her Kotori shrine you can contact her at (

The Social Representative:Jonathan Karl

Cosplay enthusiast, anime/manga lover and Japan fanatic, Jonathan Karl embodies the spirit of a true SAMA member. A second year, Comm/Arts student, with a strong devotion to both his studies and hobbies, Jonathan exhibits an open and friendly attitude to everyone he meets. Besides turning as red as a tomato when drinking, Jonathan is as responsible as it gets.
If you don't find him storming through the Rift or climbing the ranks in Hearthstone, you can find him chilling out with friends and a good old fashioned board game.
As we all know actions speak louder than words, so if you ever wanna hit him up or make friendly conversation, don't hesitate to contact him at or find him at any SAMA event and around campus centre. And don't forget to check out his weekly emails every Sunday (or Monday)!

The Creative Officer: James Kartikahadi

Have you ever seen the typical OP main character in real life? Well that is James, good at almost everything, had crazy experiences that helped him as a creative director, possibly the first ever underage jaffy who joined the committee. If you see a latchkey kid with smurf sandals around the campus, you've got the right person.
James enjoys his spare time attending sports club activities, improving his cooking skills at his dorm, playing games on the computer or even adding bits of information into his collection for blackmailing purposes. Sometimes James can turn into a "lol" robot and won't reply with anything more than those three letters, or maybe seeing him complain about humanity in general (i.e: you). But remember, he is just a fluffy puppy with tiny barks!
If you ever want to blackmail someone or willing to show off your sandals collection, feel free to contact him at Conditions apply.