Committee of 2015-2016

The President: Jessica Lew

Usurping the SAMA Throne is a being comprised entirely of our world's Primal Elements: Kebabs, Dr Who and Dota 2. Eons ago upon discovering the inner truth, the truth beyond the truth, lone and pedant Scholar Jessica Lew ascended to Master Magician Rank: 2400 and proceeded to ask herself one final question.

What does a hero truly need?

To become voted in as President of Monash's most Illustrious club, apparently. Will she bring forth the age of fire or usher in the age of dark? Probably neither but rest assured - Jessica Lew will bring yelling and intimidation (mostly yelling) to the fight as the majestic Princess of the Moon.

Rushing forward to committee challenges swifter than the wolves of Icewrack, solving problems with the mental acumen of a Bronze League LoL player and commanding her minions with conviction possessed only by a Youtube Celebrity - Jess truly embodies the title of Supreme Tri-Mage.

If you'd like to know more about how win your Dota games, what makes a Whovian or where to find the best kebabs in Melbourne: You can also subscribe to her youtube channel here:

The Vice President: Amber Crowe

The Vice President: Amber Crowe

Jacked. Stacked. Ripped. Thick. Thinly Sliced. Equally partitioned.

All words that can be used to describe your half pinoy Vice Presidente, Amber Crowe. When not getting yolked in the gym, she can be found studying hard, chilling in airport lounge or going huge in DOTA. Amber is reliable, hard working and soon to be able to help drive supplies around for her committee. She's always there to socialise with club members, both new and old.

If at uni, she can be found studying at a library, getting stacked at Monash gym or chilling at airport lounge. If you can't find her at uni, you can always talk to her on Steam while crushes noobs on DOTA. She can be contacted at

The Secretary: Amadeo Ardisa

"Amadeo is a third year Science student, an avid musician and a great fan of anime. He shows good humour, a sense of action and an interest in moral philosophy. Additionally, he is an enthusiast of classic motorcycles, the Marvel universe and everything science-y. If you ever need consultation, small geeky talks, and stuffs you can contact him through"

The Treasurer: Tony Wu

This is the Tony Wu, often theorised to be a member of the homo sapien genus (his mother had him tested). His natural habitat is the campus central where he forages for games of CS:GO, Dota and LoL. His love for anime and spoiling endings for himself is second to none, making talking to Sailor Neptony very easy, or hard if you don't want to accidentally spoil yourself.

Despite his intense love for Divine rapiers and autosnipers, and his deep desire to throw the game wherever possible, Tonii-chan~ claims to be a trustworthy individual with supreme skills in managing finances and budgeting. It is implied that Narutony's reason for being treasurer is not to throw all the money on 2D fanart and that he is actually a great guy who is reliable and will do whatever he can to help the people he cares about (which is everyone). If you want to have an indepth discussion about anything related to the club, you should probably talk to the secretary, or the president, or anyone else. Otherwise, you can contact Kiritony at

The Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer He

Aimlessly meandering through the tribulations of existence, cursed with the inability to determine who she is, what she is and why she is. That was Jenny until she discovered SAMA.

"Hu am I? I am He, Jenny He (but actually a She)."

Jenny did not become Assistant Treasurer out of her own selfish desires. She became Assistant Treasurer because no one else would, and she is prepared to be what SAMA needs her to be.

While being described as Daria, she is very tolerant and will not make it obvious that she hates you. Also being very friendly and easy-going, she likes to be direct; she will tell you if you're standing on her neck (la la la). Jenny spends hours on end at Campus Centre with her compadres, so approach her there. If she's too scary in person then hit her up for DOTA, she is (probably) sassywitegirl793. For any other inquiries, email:

The Media Manager: Matthew Roth

Matthew Roth, aka Matt, aka “Mattack on Titans” aka the token white guy, has the super power to read Japanese in any context (with subtitles) and can consistently recite literally every line in every anime past, present and future.

Despite the obvious lack of subtitles in this world the rest of us live in, Matt has graced us all with his infinite ability to recommend anime and find ones for the rest of us to enjoy during screenings and movie nights. He is often found lurking the depths of the internet, finding the best anime and manga to show everyone. If you ever need to contact him, you can find him at

The Creative Director: Cheryl Lam

When Cheryl isn't busy photoshopping people's faces onto anime characters' bodies as part of her gruelling work as creative director of the anime and manga club, you can find her chilling on her throne in Hell. Affectionately nicknamed Satan by her friends and ancient humanity, Cheryl is one of the biggest weebs to ever grace the anime club with her presence.

She is more than equipped for any task that is even remotely related to animu or mango. She lives and breathes anime, as well as drawing it, writing fanfiction about it, staring longingly at it, and crying over it. With her super reading speed she would have finished reading every manga in existence by now if she didn't insist on rereading 300 chapters of manga she's already read in one sitting, just for kicks.

If you have any complaints about which character your face was photoshopped on, or simply want to chat with the Lord of Hell, you can contact Cheryl at:

The Social Representative: Nazim Rizvic

"I may not be the best looking guy, but I'm the only one that's talking to you".

They call him heartbreaker, but in the meantime you can call him Nazim. He may come across as being crazy and wonky (Making him normal by Dandenong standards) which in the end makes him the perfect Social Rep. You can count on Nazim to always make things interesting and funny. A light-hearted person who can always start a conversation and make you laugh, this boy can be super-serious when it counts. He can be relied on to get things done, and get them done effectively. You can also count on his abilities to work in a team. As a former DotA player, he has picked up much wisdom on teamwork and strategies. And remember kids, is only game, why you heff to be mad? They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

Want to start a conversation with Nazim? You can find him at your local gym bulking for Stereosonic, or wondering around campus on the prowl for beautiful Azn Wimmen. Or shoot him an email at

It don't be think like it be as do it they do it.

The Sponsorship Officer: Louise Jiang

This self proclaimed 'swaglord' is the master of obtaining all of the HDs and organising sponsorship benefits for all of you SAMAritans.

She lurks the grounds usually dressed in greys but never is there ever a dull moment with her (except when she takes her peri peri chips without the peri peri salt...). The perfect mix of wit and bubbly demeanour she's always fun to talk to, never without a supply of stories to tell from her own personal real life sitcom, "Loser Louise". This avid lover of green tea anything and ice cream, is adventurous beyond belief and will surprise you with the super Saiyan strength contained in her small frame. She's extremely thoughtful and will never back away from hearing you out, but she will give you the unbiased reality check you might need, without being carelessly harsh, all before showing you an excessive amount of cute photos of the three most adorable Korean toddler triplets.

If she's not strutting around the grounds of the campus fighting off dragons, Louise can usually be found relaxing on the bean bags and couches of airport lounge, or in Hargraves, if you still can't find her shoot her a message at