Committtee of 2014-2015

The President: Amelia Wong

She may not be the half-Asian, half-cyborg President of the United States of Asia that Pauline Hanson envisaged in 1997 (this actually happened), but Amelia comes close. With one hand on her smartphone, and the other propping her chin up during one of her many, famous naps, Amelia has risen from the slums of mere Club-Goer, passing through the mediocrity of Social Rep (sorry Amber), and finally ascending as the President of SAMA, in all her cyborgy glory.

Many have speculated that her penchant for giving commands stems from her natural-born will to lead, not read. But the truth is, Amelia is compensating for the lack of intelligent response from the ones at home - especially her happy-go-running-into-the-door dog Megatron, whom she tries to pack for camp every year. If you ever prematurely awaken Amelia from her slumber, simply inquire about the dog, and you'll be spared for another day.

All hail our supreme half-cyborg President! If you have any questions, please email her at

The Vice President: Martin To

Martin To (soon to be TV star), the Vice-President, is an intelligent, hard-working and reliable guy. He also drives a car. In this position, he can thrust himself into whatever comes his way, no matter the task at hand. He doesn't care how big or small, he's a guy that always finishes the job.

Being the life of the party is easy when you are a well built, handsome, confident young man. Being two of these three things, Martin has overcome the chains of social constructs and plows his way through everything in his path. Charming, funny, and ready to show his metal; of the many men that came for the job, Martin To is ready to go hands on with all the hard jobs.

If you need to transport something, get tips on picking up or just want to bask in the aura of Martin, you can find him at the Airport lounge, on Dota2 under the name Alucid, or email him at

The Secretary: Jessica Lew

Certain scholars as well as wizards were somehow completely lured by the secrets of the universe. The understanding of the evolution, the "power of growth" and "hidden energies connecting everything" was way too tempting for many lone scholars. And why not? The universe is all around us and in a certain way we all are just a mere part of it. By unlocking the secrets of the universe was to learn about yourself, about the other beings around you, but mostly learning about your destiny in this world.

One of these lone and pedant scholars was Jessica Lew. Jess came to her calling by a path of curious inquiry. Her lust for knowledge was great; and the certain trades that she already had, helped her even more with obtaining and unlocking endless secrets. In her crave to strengthen ties with the universe she would sit among forests and temple fields; she could sit for days, weeks, even months, surrounded by only nature; meditating and becoming one with the energies around her. This bond with the universe gave Jess vivid presentiments. There was always a part in these visions that would remain unclear and would always vanish in the same second she saw it. As she was improving, her meditations and visions became stronger. Finally, after years of training, she could move the casing veil that had been blocking her vision. The sheer power of the SAMA archives was so great, that she instantly woke up. At first, she was scared. But after a few days of thinking, she gave herself a goal of attaining these exceptional chronicles. And now she has risen up to the task of protecting these ancient registers, the Secretary of SAMA!

If yourself are lured by these secrets of life, universe and everything (everything about SAMA), Jessica can be contacted at

The Treasurer: Phyllis Pan

Phyllis is a person. I know, strange, but true. Despite her unusual (and frankly unhealthy) sleeping patterns, and the way she meows (which is generally considered a cat thing), we are certain, thanks to some vigorous testing (tapping her on the head with a spoon) that she is in fact a human person.

But that is her only claim to normalcy. She has an inhuman level of dedication, and is smarter than the smartest person you know. She's pretty nice, too, unless you manage to really annoy her, in which case you should lock your doors and windows and remember not to accept apples from strangers.

She assures everyone that her desire for power is not the only reason she likes being the Treasurer of SAMA. Other reasons may include her anime addiction and money.

Jokes aside, Phyllis is actually wonderful. You can say anything to her and she is always ready to help a friend, so feel free to email her at in the middle of the night, at like 3am or something, since that's when she's most likely to be awake.

The Librarian: Andrew Kim

As the resident Korean of the club, AK is the go2guy for all things Korean. Recordings of Kim Jong-Il's speeches, explanatory essays of how America most decadent country, glorious memorabilia of great proletariat revolution. Did I mention North Korea best Korea? Despite being named after the famous assault rifle ("coincidentally" used by the North Korea army), AK is nowhere near as deadly. Unless, of course, he accidentally rests the SAMA Library on you. Just like he routinely carries Dota games, AK carries the immense SAMA Library with him everywhere, from bed to BBQs to the bathroom. Though questions about when he will eventually graduate are never far from the conversation, AK assures us that being the Librarian won't unnaturally extend his degree. Maybe.

He can often be found in airport lounge playing Japanese computer games that involve lots of clicking and things, or contacted at

The IT Technician: Sameer Ekbote

You may have seen this guy hanging around campus centre or at SAMA events and wondered to yourself. Who's this big guy? It's not some red head Asian guy lifting weights. His name is Sameer and he's your ballin IT Technician. After his gruelling and tense win at this year's AGM, Sameer is ready to show you his amazing supporting skills on and off the Dota 2 client. Always friendly, reliable and above all a really chill guy. Sameer has all the qualities that a committee member needs and this together with his wicked sick technology chops, he'll have SAMA events running at 9001% efficiency in no time (probably). Sameer is the G-est of the G and I salute him.

He can be seen chilling in airport lounge or can be contacted at

The Social Representative: Amber Crowe

Amber Crowe. A girl who listens, a girl who laughs with you, a girl who crys with you. Our SAMA Social Rep. She's the best... that is all! No that's not the end. Amber is someone who you can rely on and she always reaches out to people who are in need of help. Behind her volumptuousness, there is something far greater, beyond your imagination, that is ready to burst out! She's your go-to-girl for problems whether they be personal problems or not. She's definitely not your average girl.

If she's not debating between playing LoL or Dota 2 at home, Amber can be spotted scrolling through her instagram or tumblr between her long strenuous trips from the foreign unspoken land of Sandhurst to Clayton. Around campus she can be seen on the squat racks at the gym, practising her nursing duties in the med building or recovering at airport lounge from all the duties she valiantly carries out. And if you still can't find her, she can be contacted at