Committee of 2013-2014

The President: Lawrence Tsui

I know what you're thinking, and that is "why would anyone want to be the President of the anime club?" Lawrence Tsui happened to think the very same thought, but unlike the many that came before him who simply chose to toss aside the thought, to dismiss it as but a simple curiosity, Lawrence Tsui rose to the challenge to find out why, to go where no one before him had gone, to become the President of the anime club to answer that eternal question.

The journey wasn't easy for him, however, for he was already preoccupied inventing the violin and thus had to first become the Vice President of the club in 2012. Throughout his eventful year of Vice Presidency (mostly driving a car), he came no closer to discovering the reason behind Presidency, and thus, with his ever go-getter attitude, he single-handedly plowed his way to the Presidency in 2013, winning the election without even being there.

Having finally assumed the role of President, he thought to himself, "so why did I become President?" After all, he now has full power over the limitless resources of the club; he now has the ability to introduce himself as the President of the anime club; he even has the power to have the previous President write up his committee description (which you're reading right now). And then it dawned on him, that the reason someone would become the President of the anime club was to _________.

Lawrence's Car
Some assume being human is a prerequisite to being on committee. Lawrence's car begs to differ. Having been elected to Presidency based on its good mileage, fuel efficiency and reliability, Lawrence's car continues to serve on committee for the second year running. Serving as an example to automobiles everywhere, Lawrence's car is ever at the ready to serve the committee, ready to take goods from event to event, showing no signs of slowing down.

If you have any questions about cars, or driving manuals, contact Lawrence at

The Vice President: Kyon Lee

For some, being part of committee is about the challenge; for others, it is about the fun; for Kyon Lee, being Vice President is just another challenge in his long list of accomplishments. Having already explored space without a spacesuit, performed heart surgery on the Queen, and competed in the International 2 while climbing Mount Everest, Kyon grew tired of having dominated every facet of life. That is, however, until the challenge of Vice Presidency presented itself to Kyon.

While already well on his way to becoming #1 pick in the next NBA draft, Kyon knew that the true challenge of life lay not with dominating Lebron or Kobe in basketball (which he does every weekend) but instead with leading SAMA to higher and greater heights, for it wasn't he who chose the Vice Presidency, but the Vice Presidency that chose Kyon Lee.

"He is Kyon Lee
a majestic stallion
none are his equal"

You can contact him at, or find him on the forums as OnlyLonely.

The Secretary: Cindy Pho

Cindy may seem like your average cheery Secretary with luxurious green hair, but do not be fooled. This is all an illusion. Hidden behind that bright orange Macbook and 1.5L bottle of water lies a secret: her plan to take over the world!
As her second term begins smoothly, her plan has already been set in motion. You may think this is all just a conspiracy theory, because you "KNOW" Cindy - you've SEEN her acting like one of us. But alas, you have been fooled. Those times she appears tired in Campus Centre, it isn't because she was up late studying all night - that's what she wants you to think! Oh, no. It's because of her plans of world domination. Attending late night classes at Hogwarts, in hopes of mastering the Dark Arts as quickly as possible, she is steadily getting closer and closer to her goal.

So, as each of her obstacles (past committee members who had discovered her plan) fall one by one, the next thing on her hit list is the club... to fall in her hands. Soon, not only SAMA members but the whole world will be under her ruling. Until that fateful day, Cindy's disguise as the "Secretary" of the club enables her to keep a watchful eye on her future slaves.

But, if you ever require assistance (warning: she may attempt to cast a hex on you) or you would like to assist with her plans of world domination, you may email her at or find her on the forums as cinds2.

The Treasurer: Phyllis Pan

Known for her magic maths skills and thousand dagger stare, Phyllis can usually be found smiling at her accounting homework or growling at the sunlight from the safety of her bedroom. Even though she probably has an early onset of OCD, her incredible attention to detail and insane number skills make her the perfect person to handle money, as none of your precious club fees will be wasted. She may sometimes give you this look like she's going to creep into your house in the middle of the night and stab you a thousand times while laughing maniacally, but deep down, she possesses a heart of pure gold and would sacrifice sleep and sanity to help a friend through the death of their favourite fictional character. You can also be assured that, in her tenure, she will probably not run off with the club's life savings, though it may be advisable for the other committee members to keep an eye on the club's bank balance, just in case.

Even though Phyllis can seem a bit standoffish, she truly is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet, so if you ever feel like discussing the latest anime or federal budget outcome, don't hesitate to contact her at

The Librarian: Andy Luu

When you hear the word 'Librarian', that implies a lot. Hot, sexy, cute, adorable, downright do-able... Andy delivers all that and more! Apart from being just your run-of-the-mill avid anime watcher, Andy specialises in everything Korean. I mean, everything. He's as Korean as bibimbap made of kimchi, kpop and kdrama. He parties like a kpop star, looks like a kdrama star, and plays like a When he's not struggling to transport the incredible weight of the SAMA library, Andy can be found hanging around at the Airport Lounge (like, seriously, from 8am) or contacted at!

The IT Technician: Aidan Mcloughney

There once was a guy named Aidan,
Who could often be found Beybladin'.
He was such a good cook,
Have you read his new book?
It's pretty good for such a tall gaijin.

Do you like cupcakes? Do you like cookies? Do you like brownies and muffins? Underneath his imposingly tall, pale appearance, Aidan is the master chef of the committee, equally as proficient in C++ as he is in baking, boiling and barbecuing. Continuing the time honoured tradition of being the token white guy on committee, he faces the question "so why are you in the anime club?" on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Nevertheless, his commitment to this club is beyond doubt, so feel free to whip him into doing whatever you want. If he's not killing giant spiders with his bare hands, he can be found at Campus Centre in his breaks or contacted at!

The Social Representative: Amelia Wong

If you're walking around Campus Centre and you hear a faint yowl of "noooo", or possibly a whale noise, don't think Dory. Think Amelia. You can often find this creature in its natural habitat of the Airport Lounge, most likely sleeping or eating, wailing only when something goes horribly wrong. In an effort to have more creative and off-beat events, the SAMA club has recruited her to be the Social Representative of the club. Although grouchy and possibly dangerous when awoken from a slumber, do not mistake the teeth bare for something sinister. Bright eyes, laughter and bear-hugging-clinginess have been observed, as well as the emittance of a general aura of happiness and warmth. Although the reasoning between these two states of being are not well known, the latter state has been shown to be more prominent around humans she is comfortable with, good food, and being around Meg, a somewhat mentally diminished Maltese that she claims is her pet. In between eating, sleeping, and dying Meg's hair a peculiar colour, she contemplates the next big event for SAMA, crafting wondrous activities and peculiar events, all in an effort to fulfil her role and make you happy.

For any questions about club events, or to make a documentary of her, find Amelia at Airport Lounge or contact her at