2012-2013 Committee

The President: Jack Chen

While perusing the committee page, you may have been one of the many who've asked: "wait, is that THE Jack Chen?" - the answer to that being a resounding HELLZ YEAH. Jack Chen, one of the more elite members of the club has interests concerning three main areas: gintama, being awesome, and reddit. He may not be your most enthused anime fan, but I'm sure our members agree his RIDICULOUSLY GOOD rendition of Tuxedo Mask more than makes up for this.
Distinctive by his wily charms, hatred for all animals (hence his vegetarianism), and ability to make extremely convincing presidential candidacy speeches from cat pictures, Jack can be identified at any event through his friendly nature, offbeat humour and murmurs of "batman"
If he's not busy attracting infinite hoards of sailormoon cosplayers he can be easily contacted via email at yogofoul123@gmail.com and on IRC as Jack_Chen.

The Vice President: Lawrence Tsui

Lawrence Tsui comes from a long line of music. Formerly leading a jazz band with his best pals Mozart and Beethoven, he found them boring and moved on to bigger things. As such, he found Monash University where he now studies both Music and Commerce to fund his extensive busking career. Often referred to as an otokomae or 'studmuffin', he is worshiped by those who have basked in his masculine, ragged exterior. To continue with the metaphor, Lawrence has a soft, tender interior - full of fluffy friendship and delicious sweetness - making everyone he meets feel welcomed. Often playing Tales games or watching anime, he has ascended the position of leader: he is your almighty vice leader! His secret, loyal followers call him Cookies; and if you have any delicious queries, you can send them to ltsu1@student.monash.edu.au.

The Secretary: Oliver Jiang

If you've been on the IRC or forums you may have seen a member called Oranges, which are an excellent source of vitamin C. BUT PLEASE DO NOT EAT OUR DELICIOUS SECRETARY! OJ as we call him, Oliver as his parents call him, hey you there with the camera stop taking pictures of me when I'm in th-...I'll leave that for the lawsuit. Oliver displays excellent ability to pick up the little details that DON'T EVEN MATTER. Having been successful in his nomination, Oliver can now be seen wandering around the campus wondering what to do with those few seconds of fapping he has now given up. An Arts/Science student with way too much time on his hands, you should feel free to spam him with questions at jiang_oliver@hotmail.com.

The Treasurer: Ashley Kasner

Wondering where your precious hard earned cash is going? Well have no fear, as our treasurer Ashley Kasner is putting it to good use! Pondering over age old questions such as "why is the rent TOO DAMN HIGH?" and "why haven't you given me your money yet?", Ashley is a Commerce student with qualifications well equipped to the toils of treasurer.
At first glance, he may seem like quite the cynic, but within his craggy exterior lies a tender man willing to accept you into his heart...so long as you're made of gold. Ashley has hobbies which range from handling the avalanche of money our members undoubtedly throw at him, World Wresting Entertainment, and in fits of boredom - tossing his allies into the enemy team (/dota references)
If not found at campus centre sipping on the fine caffeinated beverage that is Mother, he can be contacted via email at adkas1@student.monash.edu and is known as Obsidian_Prince on the forums.

The Librarian: Cindy Pho

Often disguising herself with pseudo-surnames and fake moustaches, our Librarian, Cindy can often be found secretly practicing (dark) magic in the confinements of her room (Currently working on Imperio to control the rest of the committee). Apart from spell work and fangirling over Darren Criss, Cindy is extremely skilled in the Japanese language, solving Rubik's Cubes ...and flailing around like a mad woman! With her recent succession to being elected into the committee, Cindy uses her knowledge in all her expertises to obtain every single series of Anime possible, to not only watch them all but to also please her slaves the Anime Club members. So, if you ever need any series or recommendations, you can find her on the forums as cinds2 or on IRC as cintea. Otherwise just email her at cinn92@live.com.

The Librarian Assistant: Daniel Wong

Wongsta (aka Wong aka Daniel), not to be confused with Gangsta is the current "IT" (Pronounced as Ai-Tee) guy of SAMA and holds the position of The Librarian/IT technical operator. His creativity and ability to code in 148 different programming languages (source not found) has earned him the title of code monkey. Despite his hikikomori nature, Wong can be often found in Campus Centre coding away on his mystical laptop on linux with the very stylish power button in bright red. He is known as ~drojf on IRC and can be reached on the IT support line of tsundere@tpg.com.au.

The Social Representative: Charleen Lay

Hailing from the mysterious bridges of Harajuku, Charleen has made the treacherous trip down to Monash to become your most adored Social Representative! She intends not to just represent the high tea drinking beautiful members of the club, but also the rest of you. She is currently improving her le skills in Law and languages. Though... if she fails in that, her prowess with the oven will appease all and any sweet tooths. Charleen endeavours to bring you beautiful (definitely), sparkling (so very definitely) and lace filled (not guaranteed) events! In her spare time she unleashes her love for Lolita fashion upon online stores and indulges in the foods and teas of the world.
For any further questions about the club's events, or just to inject that little bit more happiness into your life, find Charleen at Airport Lounge, events or contact her at adinfinitum@live.com.au.