2011-2012 Committee

The President:James Smart

Our resident white guy, currently also president of C&S, and a fan of Gurren Lagann, Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, and anything Shounen
Known for his absurdly large headphones and tiny ipod, unique physique and formidable spelling techniques.
Normally walks around with curly hair but occasionally shows up with straight hair. Appears to be at C&S a lot, or at our tables lounging about or sleeping. Loses expensive technology constantly and is a frequent guest at the Monash Lost & Found.
The name's James Smart, more commonly known as Jimmy; on the forums he is jimbob jones, and he can be contacted by emailing smart_arse_rocks@hotmail.com

The Vice President: Jeremy Khoo
Hailing from the vicious and bloody suburb of Camberwell, Andy found his home on the streets. He constantly challenged various brutes and rowdy-types to dance battles; only to have them easily fall. Tired of the lack of competition, Andy searched long and hard for competition which could match his outstanding dancing ability. One day, Andy found the Monash Clayton Anime Club and knew that this particular club could bring him the challenge he needed. He introduces himself under a number of guises such as "Year 12 Andy" or "Mr. Ando of the Woods" to hide his true identity. When he is not constantly repeating VCE infinitely; or asking you for a lick of your honey, he is carrying around his boombox to contrast and emphasize his polite, quiet and socially acceptable disposition. He is known as sakurafice on the forums/IRC, and can be contacted on acngu@hotmail.com

The Secretary: Oliver Jiang

If you've been on the IRC or forums you may have seen a member called Oranges, which are an excellent source of vitamin C. BUT PLEASE DO NOT EAT OUR DELICIOUS SECRETARY! OJ as we call him, Oliver as his parents call him, hey you there with the camera stop taking pictures of me when I'm in th-...I'll leave that for the lawsuit. Oliver displays excellent ability to pick up the little details that DON'T EVEN MATTER. Having been successful in his nomination, Oliver can now be seen wandering around the campus wondering what to do with those few seconds of fapping he has now given up. An Arts/Science student with way too much time on his hands, you should feel free to spam him with questions at jiang_oliver@hotmail.com.

The Treasurer: Xin Yan Lim

Meet our cute Asian treasurer, known as Xin on IRC! However, be warned that behind her sweet and innocent facade lies a moneyhungry tyrant that will gladly sell your soul for money!! In all seriousness though, she really can benchpress 130kg... so if she asks you for money, you'd better hand it over ! But don’t be afraid, once you get to know her, you’ll know she’s always carrying a bundle of joy in her bag (aka. chocolate and candy!) so if you’re nice enough to give her money, she just maybe nice enough to give you candy! She can be found on the forums as lilaznchick and via email by: xy.lim92@gmail.com !

The Librarian: Evan Bott

Have you ever had a dream? Evan has but probably will never succeed. The bearded Evan ("I have better things to do than shave!" Evan (2011)), the librarian of Monash Clayton Anime Club, strives to compile the world's largest collection of pretty much everything on his large industry-scale external hard drives. While he's not downloading weird and random animes in 1080p FHD Blu-ray enfused with godly powers or watching them, he can be seen owning newbs in LoL till the very morning of mornings. He can be found on the MCAC forum and IRC by the name of EBXXIV during obscene hours of the night or alternatively you can spam him with anime recommendations which he will never approve of at gtamaster1291@hotmail.com

The Librarian Assistant:Bradley Nardella

Brad, Oh Brad, the technology wiz of the club as well as assistance to the librarian. Without him the entire website as well as the online library will be in such a turmoil not even obama himself could solve. Responsible for such events as maintaining the database of members as well as anime library, assisting the other members with IT related injuries.. or problems and asking yourself the question "What if the world was flat?". While not found oggling over tiny pony figurines and lightly brushing their hair with what appears to be a brush, he will be on the forum and IRC as HamtaroFreak. He can also be contacted at hamtarofreak@gmail.com and he will respond... whenever he feels like it

The Social Representative: Melody Chong

Often unseen by the public eye due to her extremely short stature, our tiny Social Rep can usually be found bullying other members into voting for her (which as you can see, worked perfectly well) Alternatively, she can also be found camwhoring for her colourful blog and hence potentially attracting many online stalkers. She can also be seen on nearly every single Social Networking site 24/7; either talking about fashion, beauty or even discussing about how she was cutting up cadavers in her "exciting" labs. Feel free to shoot ideas, suggestions, complaints at her on melludee@gmail.com, or on the forums/IRC as xshukaku ! (or in blog comments -promotion-) And unlike Brad, she will respond ..almost immediately as she pretty much lives behind the computer screen.