2010-2011 Committee

The President:James Smart

Our resident white guy, currently also president of C&S, and a fan of Gurren Lagann, Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, and anything Shounen
Known for his absurdly large headphones and tiny ipod, unique physique and formidable spelling techniques.
Normally walks around with curly hair but occasionally shows up with straight hair. Appears to be at C&S a lot, or at our tables lounging about or sleeping. Loses expensive technology constantly and is a frequent guest at the Monash Lost & Found.
The name's James Smart, more commonly known as Jimmy; on the forums he is jimbob jones, and he can be contacted by emailing smart_arse_rocks@hotmail.com

The Vice President: Jeremy Khoo

Studious, hardworking, quiet and considerate are a few words that could never be used to describe this specimen. Able to be heard clearly anywhere within Campus Centre, Jeremy is the life of the party, or a least the voice. His anime tastes are wide and varied but he specifically enjoys "anything that makes me cry". Your typical Arts student, Jeremy spends his considerable amount of free time playing games, listening to Korean music, and enjoying laughing for hours at a good pun. Despite all this, Jeremy has a good heart and will always sit down to listen to anyone's problems and give them a helping hand if needed. He's dedicated to the club and wants to do all he can to bring it to new heights this year. One word can be used to sum Jeremy up: THROBBING. On the forums he is known as raine, and he can be contacted at jezza_21@hotmail.com.

The Secretary: Stephanie Chan

What a secretary!!! This Korean-Pop-loving little asian girl is the only female in the 2010-2011 MCAC committee. Hardly seen at the tables due to the harsh sunlight which burns her vampiric skin, Steph is always there in heart and soul. This well-respected trap (who is, by the way, not actually a trap, but rather the victim of Kailun's infantile jokes) loves writing, and if she had written this herself it would probably have at least 30 citations. Known on the forums as sidewithmartians, she can be contacted by emailing stephmy.chan@gmail.com.

The Treasurer: Kailun Ng

Lives over two hours away, yet strangely is always at the tables. In want of a life, our Treasurer can be seen fawning over Lucky Star and tsunderes, or simply lazing about. Spends all his time preaching against facebook and korean dramas; it's a wonder he still has time to do anything productive for the club (he doesn't do anything productive). This man would be Kailun Ng, known on the forums as Toastmakesuhigh, and he can be contacted by emailing spell_lumos@hotmail.com.

The Librarian: Leon "LEEROY JENKINS" Marks

This huge boy used to play football and rugby during highschool, but traded in his football boots for a keyboard and a 19-inch monitor. Fortunately that's not the only 19-inch thing he posses, as the entire girth of his waist is 19 inches. He can usually be seen carrying around a bag of disks as large as he is, because he is an amazing librarian. When he's not trying to physically differentiate himself from our president (harder than it looks) or shopping for clothes, he's fixing our database and being an all round nice guy with warm fuzzy feelings and a generally optimistic outlook. He probably should watch more anime and get a hair cut, but we can't complain, can we... Anyway, known as gRimm on the forums, he can be contacted atgoldenbaby_2003@hotmail.com.

The Librarian Assistant:Evan Bott

Having unfortunately dropped out of the Jamaican bobsled team to pursue bigger things, Evan found Jimmy and the Monash Clayton Anime Club and quickly rose to the rank of Library Assistant. Downloading possibly everything ever screened ever (in 1080p of course), he fulfills his position with an amazingly optimistic and happy demeanor. When not watching anime or doing club-related activities, he works out hard and plays netball and basketball with unmatched speed and endurance. Throbbing along in his red shirt, Evan even assists Leon with his duties with never-ending patience. He is known as EB-XXIV on the forums and can be contacted on gtamaster1291@hotmail.com.

The Social Representative: Ryan Debuque

Ryan is a beautiful man hailing from the tiny port city of the Phillipines. Quite an obtuse man, he doesn't share his food with anyone, not even the committee members. Despite this, he is still a valuable member who can organise and plan events, all with an entire cheeseburger in his mouth. Although he operates a disgusting Macbook and eats like an animal, he is generally a nice person who lets anyone into his house even if they break his clock. Just don't wake him up... Despite having to dedicate much of his time to looking after his only son Bradley, Ryan is very enthusiastic about organising club events. He is known on the forums as ryzza and can be contacted through his emailryand_791@hotmail.com.