About SAMA

The Monash Clayton Anime Club became affiliated with Monash Clubs & Societies on the 2nd of November, 2006. It initially aimed to bring together the many anime fans at Monash (yes, you can hide, but we know you're there!), with its numerous weekly social activities and special events, and to help members greet, meet, and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

In September 2011, the club name was changed to Society for Anime and Manga Appreciation. This decision was brought about by the large number of members in the club who have interests in both anime and manga. As such, we did not want to create rifts in the club, as well as preventing the creation of a separate manga club.

Words cannot express how much fun one can have while a part of SAMA, but we'll try to list down some of the main reasons to join:

A wide range of social events, including BBQs, anime marathons, trivia nights, social nights, camps, joint events with other Monash clubs and anime clubs from different universities, and so much more. Check the website and Facebook page regularly to see what's coming up next! Events are initiated and semi-run by the members (with help from the committee when necessary), so if you have any ideas, pop down to the forums or send us a message and tell us. No matter how large-scale your plans eventually grow to be, as long as it is within the interests and abilities of the club, the event that you propose will come to pass.

Interaction with other anime-lovers - one of our greatest assets. This provides you with the chance to meet a whole group of people with an interest in anime, which is a hobby that admittedly not many people have. Come meet us, join us, and make many new friends with interests similar to your own. Join the forums, attend some screenings, and turn up to some lunches or any of our events! We all love to meet new people. Be warned: once you join us, you won't be able to get rid of us!

Access to anime for you to leech off new stuff for yourself, thanks to many dedicated anime fans sharing their collections. Be a part of this action now!

Weekly screenings, monthly movie nights, and more. Unlike some other clubs, which only host a few social events each semester, SAMA has something happening each and every week (and maybe every day). You won't be bored here! Or, if you are, you're probably just going to get bored of seeing us online and offline so many times a week!

An active Facebook group with a friendly environment and a great place to discuss the latest anime or post funny pictures.

What are you waiting for? It's never too late to join!